richard krantz

artist based in Malmö, Sweden.





Richard is an artist whose work depicts a unique, open world view, inviting the viewer to enter his world with open arms. For me his practice conveys a warmth and hopefulness for humanity, if humanity is willing to work together and admit to its own faults. His use of wry humour, dark wit and concrete comedy encourage us to laugh at the absurdity of our species and potential downfall while still maintaining that all is not lost. He has an expert ability to select and combine familiar references into works that pull heart strings and prick curiosity, by sifting through popular culture like a panhandler hunting for gold.

Richard’s work has the ability to be ironic, serious and sincere all at once, and wants the viewer to feel like they are in on the joke, a personal, intimate sensation. A key question in Richard’s work is whether or not we are alone. Alone in the universe, as seen in his fascination for science-fiction, but also alone in our experiences, looking for a sense of belonging. When engaging with Richard’s art, I know I am not alone.