richard krantz

artist based in Malmö, Sweden.





Text by Anne Klontz for the exhibition The Daydream Believer Exhibition, at Galleri Duerr, Stockholm, 2023

Working conceptually with texts and communication, Richard Krantz (b. 1989, Sweden) is a multi-disciplinary artist who writes or collects inspiration, words and phrases from his life as well as poetry or news headlines. From this foundation, Krantz is challenged to find the best media and format to express his ideas. The 2021 works Another Art Fair and High School Bully, have dual characteristics, they are both sculptural as well as painterly. The surfaces are hand carved by Krantz, with the letter forms purposefully rough and jagged, not because of the artist’s inability to carve, but because the words were first written on a drawing app and then transferred to the wood’s surface – a digital interference upon an object created by hand. The colorful, kitschy appearance is a purposeful gesture made by the artist, who admits that humor is what motivates him to create art, and at the same time it welcomes the viewer into dialogue with his works. We can all relate on some level to high school bullies and the feeling of satisfaction in knowing they received their due punishment.