richard krantz

artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

Jag låter en civilingenjörsstuderande ta min plats på konstskola i en veka, 2011

 (eng. I'm letting a civil engineering student take my place at art school for a week)
performance/happening documented in video 11:00min, sculpture, photo and text.

I let a friend who studies to become a civil engineer take my place at Ölands Konstskola for a week, while I was away on a trip. He wore my clothes, my glasses, attended my lectures and worked with self-initiated projects in my studio. He also had my cell phone the entire week and was strapped with a spy camera most of the time - recording my class mate's and tutor's reactions. Although he claimed that he was me, he tried to act more like an impersonator than actually me.
Everything was well preperad, I had taught him the names of my class mates etc. At the end of each day I had a conversation with him using skype, trying my best to guide him through the following day.
I did not tell anyone about the project, and the school decided to stop the whole project after 3,5 days - sending the civil engineering student away.

When exhibited at Kalmar Konstmuseum (SE) as part of the Ölands Konstskola graduation exhibition, following components were there to represent the piece:
*Video loop (11:00min) with interviews with my friend before the project started, clips from the spy camera, parts of the skype conversations we had etc.
*A photo of me and my friend with the different outfits he wore during the week.
*Unfinished object/sculpture my friend started to construct during the week.
*Excerpt from my friend's diary the day the school stopped the project.

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